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League Rules

Developed by coaches, managers, and division directors, and approved by the Board of Directors, our local league rules define those rules - above and beyond Little League rules - that govern our divisions.  They are aimed at providing our players with the safest, most competitive experience possible within the framework of Little League Baseball.



Manchester Little League

Local Rules and Procedures 2023 Season


President: Nick Sullivan



Division Alignment (Team numbers may be adjusted depending on sign-ups)

T-Ball Division Baseball:         4-6 years old

Coach Pitch/Farm Baseball:   6-8 years old 

Minor Division Baseball:         8-11 years old

Major Division Baseball:         10-12 years old

Intermediate Division Baseball:   12-13- year old

Juniors Division Baseball:       14-15 year old

Seniors Division Baseball:        15-16 year old

Challenger Division Baseball:  4+

For the current season, all players league age 4-6, play T-Ball, 6-8 play Coach Pitch/Farm Players league age 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 will be evaluated and, based on the evaluation, placed in the Major Division, Minor Division or Farm Division. Major league players only will be allowed to return to their last years team provided that team exists.



All Players League Age 8-12 who are eligible to move up a division MUST tryout. Failure to try out prohibits player to go back to previous season’s team. Any player who is drafted up and refuses to do so will not be eligible to be move up for the remainder of the season. That player is also ineligible to go back to his previous season’s team.




The Draft Method for the Major Division will be the “Plan A – Method for Existing Leagues” in the current Little League Baseball Operating Manual.

REGULAR SEASON:  Any player who is out of the lineup for more than two consecutive weeks (or six games) is subject to being removed from his/her team by action of the board of directors. However, the board of directors reserves the right to allow such player to remain on the roster. Managers must make the player agent aware if any player misses more than two consecutive games for any reason. Failure to do so will be cause for corrective action against the manager.


If a team loses any player(s) on the roster through illness, injury, change of address or other justifiable reasons (subject to board approval), another player shall be obtained through the player agent, to replace the one lost. The manager has no more than 5 days to select a replacement player. Replacement players from the Minor Division will not be allowed to move up to a Major Division team  during the last two weeks of the regular season.


A manager or coach from BOTH teams for the last game of the evening is responsible for staying with the concession people to help shut the windows and lock up. It is unsafe for anyone to be left alone at night.


Postponed games will be played on the first open night for both teams following the postponement. If this means back to back games, so be it The Umpire in chief shall also be notified by the Division Directors.




Each division will submit optional rules and regulations for their respective divisions to be approved by the board of directors.


All Manchester Little League volunteers must complete a paper volunteer application to be kept on file.


All managers, coaches, and board of directors will become a member of Manchester Little League. The annual membership dues will be $1.00 and must attend 2 of our General Meetings.


All players, managers, coaches, and volunteers will follow Manchester Little League’s Rules of Conduct or face disciplinary action by the board of directors.


There will be two adults at all times at practices.


During games, the manager and three (3) coaches will be allowed in the dugout.


Continuous Batting Order (Roster Batting) is required in all divisions.

RULE 6.02(c):

After entering the batter’s box, the batter must remain in the box with at least one foot throughout the at bat.


The stealing and relaying of signs to alert the batter of pitch selection and/or location is unsportsmanlike behavior. If, in the judgment of the umpire, this behavior is occurring, both the player and the manager may be objected from the game.


No pitcher will be allowed on the mound during infield warmups.


Any manager, coach or player who is ejected from a game must attend a board of review before being allowed to continue participation on his or her team.


Play-offs will be determined based on the number of teams finalized.


The method for selecting Tournament Team players for the 10/11/12 All Star tournament will be the same as the recommended method suggested in the Little League Baseball Tournament Rules and Guidelines for the current year. The All-star Tournament managers will be selected by the President. The 8-10 and Matty Dobens teams will be chosen by a draft of eligible players. Every attempt will be made to have each team represented on the All Star teams.


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